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What is domiciliary care?

This consists of a range of services provided in the comfort of you own home such as:

  • Companionship

  • Preparing meals

  • Clearing up and maintaining a clean environment

  • Personal care

  • Help with medications etc.

These are offered whilst maintaining the independence of the service user. 

For more information on our domiciliary care services please contact us!

Nutrition and Hydration

Poor practice in nutrition and hydration care can lead to serious and avoidable harm to clients' health and wellbeing, and can even lead to death. Older people are especially at risk of becoming dehydrated, which could lead to other health issues. However, good hydration contributes to physical and mental good health.


Companionship is a basic human need and establishes a sense of belonging. Having a companion in life, whether they are a relative, friend or carer, helps keep the mind active and prevent social isolation. Someone there to engage in conversation with, even if it’s for a few moments, encourages mental stimulation and positive thoughts, as well as reminisce memories.

Proudly Serving our  communities 

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