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Respite care

As part of any care plan, it’s important to consider respite care. It’s beneficial for both the carer and care recipient. 

Respite care allows primary carers to take a break, whilst ensuring the same level of care and support is provided in the home – minimising disruption to a person’s routine and way of life.

Complex Care

What is complex care?

Complex care is person-centred care which fulfils the needs of individuals with chronic or long-term health issues. This kind of care aims to maintain a standard a living for the service user. This can range from facilitating sensory play, keeping track of and administering medication, and other needs. 

How long can I have complex care for?

The aim of complex care is to enable you, as much as possible, to do the things you want to do, whilst being surrounded by the place you know and love the most; your home. With that in mind, our packages of care are completely individual to you, which means they’re flexible and can adapt around your changing needs too.

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