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T&S Healthcare
"We believe everyone should be treated with respect" 

About T&S Healthcare 

Who are we 

T&S Healthcare was born out of the belief that quality healthcare should be available to everyone. We are committed to hiring carers who understand our values and truly care about our clients. We are raising the bar for home care in Bedfordshire and the surrounding areas.

Having witnessed the impact of the Covid-19 crisis on our care services, we understand that many people are now reviewing their care options. We do not think you need to leave the comfort of your home to receive quality care. We want to cover that gap and aim to go above and beyond to make you or your loved ones comfortable at home. 


As a business, our focus is not the number of clients we have but rather the quality of care our clients receive. We will make sure our clients receive the best care and support they deserve.

Our Values 


  • Delivering person-centred support and care - We understand that people are different and we cater to each situation.

  • Treating our clients with dignity and respect - We treat each patient with the dignity and respect they deserve.

  • Promoting independence - We will ensure that our clients maintain their independence and we will only offer our support when needed rather than taking over everything.



Our Workers 


  • All of our carers abide by all policies, procedures and codes of practice laid down by the business 

  • Our carers are accountable for the quality of service delivered to our clients

  • All carers must respect and safeguard the privacy of our clients

  • All carers are fully trained and understand our values

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